Westerbeke is a stocking distributor for 1000's of products: some of which you will find listed below.  We sell at wholesale prices.  Please call for a quote.

  • Hardware: Shackles, Thimbles, Bolts, Snaps, Clips, Turnbuckle, Pad Eye
  • Manufacturers: The Crosby Group, The Cooper Group, KWS and Gunnebo
  • Blocks & Tackle: Wood, Stainless, Galvanized, Wire Rope
  • Rope & Twine: Nylon, Polypro, Polyplus, Manila, Poly Dac, Rag, Pot Warp
    Manufacturers: New England Ropes, Wall, Sampson, Wellington, Crowe, American
  • Slings & Chokers: Wire, Nylon, Web, Poly, Chain, Tuflex
    Manufacturers: Liftall, Leschen, Cooper
  • Winches & Hoists : Little Mule, Thern
  • Chain : Trawlex, Cooper and Acco. Mooring, imported and domestic
  • Wire & Wire Rope : 500 Ton Press, Splicing and Machine Swedge, IWRC, FC, Stainless, AC Cable
  • Tools : Swaging, Wire Rope Cutters, Crimper, Hammers/Pins, Marlin Spike
    Manufacturers: Cooper, Acco, Nicopress, Leetonia, Drew
  • Flotation/Buoys : Bumpers, Fenders, Lobster Floats, Poly Balls, Net Floats, Mooring Floats, 
    Regulatory Buoy
    Manufacturers: Polyfoam, Wellington, Taylor, Polyform, Jim Buoy, SeaLite
  • Lobster Gear : Traps, Sticks, Bait Bag, Tools, Gauges, Ropes, Buoys, Hog Rings
  • Clothing/Foul Weather Gear : Boots, Gloves, Coats, Immersion Suits, Aprons, Pants, Float Coats, Fleece, Hats, Caps